THE COMPANY - Ask PC Jackwas founded in 1998 by Wayne Robison to provide computer support for residents and small businesses in Wayland, Weston and the surrounding area. Since then we've made thousands of house calls and established long term relationships with hundreds of customers.

Many our our clients run their own small businesses. Others are clients who need help with their home computers. Our clients include doctors, dentists, lawyers, contractors, sales reps, telecommuters and full time moms, dads and grandparents. They all have one thing in common: They rely on their computers but they don’t want to spend valuable time wrestling with technical problems.

THE PEOPLE  - The founder and owner operator, Wayne Robison, has spent over two decades in the computer industry. As a software engineer, he has been the lead designer and implementer of messaging programs used extensively by such organizations as the United States Marine Corps, Compaq Computer Systems, and the World Bank. He was in charge of all product development and IT services at when it was one of the top 10 most visited web sites in the world.

Jeanne Robison is in charge of all marketing and advertising activities for Ask PC Jack. She has worked as Director of Marketing Research at both Ocean Spray Inc and Imagitas Inc.

Whether you are learning to use your first computer or operate a network for your business, give us a call and let us help you make your computers more effective and enjoyable.

Wayne and Jeanne on the beach (not thinking about computers)